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A decade of doing things differently

Calibre + Candor is New Zealand’s leading independent media agency. We started a decade ago, leaving high profile roles at big agencies and corporations because we felt there had to be a better, more honest way of doing things in the media world. Plenty has changed since those days, but the fundamentals have stayed the same.
Because honesty is in our name,
that’s what we deliver on.

You know exactly where you stand with our distinctive no surprises approach to billing. That means we’re always clear with you on what we will deliver and how we will deliver it. When you pay us for our services, it’s all detailed and agreed upfront, you can be rest assured there are no hidden mark-ups.


Because one size doesn’t fit all:
working alongside you as true partners.

We stand out in a crowd of agencies, operating in a rather unique sweet spot: big enough to wield impressive negotiating clout and premium media partner status while small enough to remain independently owned and operated. We’re only answerable to you and delivering to your business needs as the best partners always should.

Because we’re at the top of our game, everything we do is about staying there.

To keep ourselves consistently delivering only the best quality, we’re focused on maintaining a rare balance of excellence across two core assets—a powerful force of skills on the team, and a robust, strategic, planning and implementational process to keep everything in check and at peak performance throughout every campaign.

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