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Branding support at any stage you require.

Developing your brand is what enables you to show meaning and difference to your target audience against the competition. Check out our video on our recent brand work for Tiger Trade below.

It’s about understanding what your brand truly stands for so you can ultimately resonate better with your customers.

When done right, this work builds the strength of your brand, positions you for future growth, and enables you to command the right price for your products or services.

Current Brand Audit
Brand DNA Development
Naming and brand architecture

Logo / wordmark design
Brand identity guidelines

… and what better brand story to start with than our own journey.

We began a decade ago as a company called Media Co.

However, with time we found that it no longer suited who we were. After all, it wasn’t just media buying, we had become a full service agency. And the word media was felt to not include digital, which was a huge part of the buying we do.

So we went back to the roots – the purpose of it all.  Which comes back to the original Media Co tagline of Smart thinking and Straight Talking. That’s how we landed on Calibre + Candor – a balance of smart thinking (calibre or excellence in our insights) and then candor (straight talking, honesty and frankness for clients).