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Fisherman's Friend

The Challenge

Fisherman’s Friend is a global lozenge brand perceived as a fix for sore throats and something you’d likely find in your grandmother’s glovebox.

The brand had a strong desire to challenge these perceptions and reposition themselves in the eye of the Kiwi consumer. Their desire was to appeal to a younger audience as confectionary with a distinctively local feel rather than a throat lozenge.


The Approach

We developed a campaign that challenged perceptions head-on in a memorable, humorous way through a series of unique, quippy one-liners. We used time-targeted outdoor creative which meant we could create these incredibly relevant moments for our messaging.

We could talk about the perils of coffee breath first thing in the morning or joke about hiding the taste of a sneaky late night pie after a night out. We could also be locally relevant – talking about the Auckland Domain to people nearby, or the Royal Oak Roundabout when people were close to it.

Creating a distinctly local feel

We created a local feel with Kiwi phrasing (e.g. ‘’we think you’re pretty mint’’) and inside jokes reserved for locals (such as referring to the terror of the Auckland Domain geese!).

Challenging age perceptions

We challenged age perceptions through messages like ‘’not your parents after dinner mint’’ and through the fun, colourful design layout, showcased the range of flavours–more akin to what you’d expect from your average lolly.