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Creative Subscription
Terms of service

By subscribing to this service you agree to the terms and conditions below.

By subscribing you also agree to the Calibre + Candor standard terms and conditions, which will apply except to the extent they conflict with those below. See the attached link here for our standard terms and conditions.

From time to time we may update our terms and conditions. This may include our fees.

If we do this we will notify you at the email address specified in your application (or new address if notified to us).

New terms and conditions will apply as from the date specified in our notification, for continued service, provided however that except for bespoke work a price increase will not affect an existing paid subscription and unless you elect to terminate with immediate effect unused hours as at the date of our notice may be used up at the rates applying when you paid your subscription.

If you are unhappy with notified new terms and conditions you may immediately discontinue your subscription. terminate your subscription by notice to us, either immediately or with effect from the date all subscribed hours have been used up.

Your rights under this Agreement are not transferable.

Only named subscribers may use unredeemed hours.

If you sell your business during the term of this Agreement we may agree to enter into a new Agreement with your purchaser and we may agree to transfer any unused hours to them, but we are not obliged to do this and would only consider doing so if we are satisfied that the purchaser is able to satisfactorily take over your subscription.


Subscription length

Your subscription begins from the date you either purchase the subscription online or, when paying by invoice, the payment is recieved by us. The subscription runs until either all hours have been used in full;

The Runners – 70 hours
The Makers – 94 hours
The Thinkers – 142 hours

or after one year.

Usage of time

The minimum increment of time for support is 15 minutes. After that point, time will be accrued in further 1 minute increments which are recorded into our time tracking app, Harvest. The creative subscription team are always happy to come and see you at your office or chat on the phone. Just know that this time for travel, meetings, email and phone communication all does accrue under the subscription as well.

Hours subscribed for may only be used according to our terms of service for creative work contemplated by this Creative Subscription.

Unused hours are not redeemable in cash or able to be used for any other purpose.

If this Agreement terminates, for any reason, unused hours as at the time of termination will be forfeit and there is no right to claim a refund.


We hope these services are a continued support to you and your team. The subscription shall automatically renew at the end of the Term, for a further 1 year period, unless you provide us with notice not to renew within 90 days of the expiry of the current Term. Upon a renewal, our Subscription Fee shall increase by CPI inflation for the prior 12-month period, with all other terms here remaining unchanged.

We will do our best to keep you updated so you know at around 80% usage that expiry is coming up soon.


The Subscription Fees are;

  • The Runners: $8,388 + GST
  • The Makers: $23,988 + GST
  • The Thinkers: $39,588 + GST
Payment options

You can pay the Subscription Fees either:

Monthly: (The Runners at $699 ex GST; The Makers at $1,999 ex GST; The Thinkers at $3,299 ex GST), payable in 12 instalments, either online by credit card or via direct debit, due monthly following the Start Date  OR

Annually: (The Runners at $7,549 ex GST; The Makers at $23,988 ex GST; The Thinkers at $35,629 ex GST),, payable in full on or before the Start Date, including an advance payment discount of 10%:

If you choose to pay monthly, at any point during the Term where the hours you’ve used are more than the pro-rated monthly amount, we may need to require you to accelerate monthly payment(s) in order to bring them into line with actual time used.

If any Subscription Fee(s) or fees or charges for bespoke work are overdue, we may pause our work until the account is up to date.

We may also terminate your subscription for serious or persistent breach of any of our terms and conditions.


Bespoke work, where the scale requires a separate agreement in respect of time and costs.

Any additional expenses agreed by you will be invoiced separately, subject to a 20% administration charge. Expenses include but are not limited to additional crew and equipment beyond those normally provided, travel and accommodation costs, actors, music rights, talent fees, voice-overs,  or CAB Approvals.

Fair usage

It’s our responsibility to keep an accurate record of all hours worked in the subscription which we do via a Harvest time tracker. We track tasks to the minute and can view overall how you are tracking against your pack at any point. We will provide you updates as promptly as we can upon request.

The hours in these packs are designed to be used evenly across a 12 month period. However, we understand our clients have fluctuating workloads, and some months may churn through more than allocated. If monthly usage is greater than 20% of proportional time allocated, we reserve the right to either pause on workloads until hours balance out, or to charge those additional hours at applicable rates for the services provided. Please note additional hours are subject to availability within the team.

You can elect when you wish to use our Subscriptions, however all work requires reasonable notice to ensure that we have availability within the team, and that the requested tasks can be achieved withing the required timeframe. In addition, for photography and videography,  you must give us at least seven days’ notice to book this time and if you need to change or cancel the session, you will need to give us at least 48 hours’ notice. Without that notice, we may need to charge for that time against your balance of hours (though we will do our best to avoid this!).


This Agreement shall end when you give us written notice to do so, and at that point any outstanding Fees due will become payable in full. Termination of the subscription doesn’t affect any rights or liabilities which may have been accrued to, or by, either you or us.

Termination may also occur if you elect to terminate because of a change to our terms and conditions.

Additionally we may terminate by notice to you if you have breached any of our terms and conditions (including non-payment).

Ownership of content

So long as your subscription fees and any additional fees or costs for bespoke work are fully paid you will have all rights to and ownership of any creative (e.g. graphic designs, video footage, ideas) created as part of these subscriptions. During the Term of the pack, including renewal(s) we will store your content. However, when you finish with subscriptions you will need to store this content as it will be deleted from our servers within a one-month period of termination. We will share files with you so you can do so more easily.

There are times when we’d like to share things we work on with other clients and contacts. Sharing promotional materials is at your discretion.

Limitation of liability

Calibre + Candor are not liable for any loss of profits, consequential, indirect or special loss, damage or injury of any kind suffered by you as a result of use of the subscription packs.

Dispute Resolution

If any dispute or difference arises in connection with these subscriptions, we will try to resolve it all in good faith through a meeting in person of key personnel. If it hasn’t been resolved within 10 working days of written notice of dispute from either side the dispute will be referred to an expert for resolution in accordance with clause 10 of our standard terms and conditions. However raising a dispute does not affect any other obligations between us and you must still pay us all fees and costs except to the extent they are disputed